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Jim Croce

Country of origin: United States
Years Active:1966-1973
Genre: Folk/Folk-Rock


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1966Facets *
1969Jim & Ingrid Croce *
1972You Don't Mess Around With Jim *
1973Life And Times *
1973I Got A Name *
1974: Photographs & Memories [Single-disc compilation]
1976: Time In A Bottle: Jim Croce's Greatest Love Songs [Single-disc compilation]
2008The Way We Used To Be: The Anthology * [3-CD retrospective]            
2011: The Original Albums [You Don't Mess Around With Jim, Life And Times, I Got A Name: plus bonus tracks; 2 CDs]
2013The Lost Recordings *  
2015: The Definitive Croce *  [2-CD compilation]
2015: The Studio Album Collection *  [7 CDs]

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