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Millie Jackson

The Moods Of Millie Jackson: Her Best Ballads


"I know a man, who curses his brother
I know a man, who lives for no other
Always chasing after money
Thinks a poor man is funny
It's hard, it's hard to believe he's a child of God."


The Moods Of Millie jackson Her Best Ballads Album Cover

In the 1970s African-American singer Millie Jackson carved out quite a niche of her own amongst fans of Soul/R&B and Funk. What made her stand apart from her contemporaries within the genre was her unusually raunchy character, her raw delivery, edgy lyrics, and brutally honest yet humorous monologues. But there was more to her as a singer than that; Millie Jackson also had a much softer side.

Whether you like one side of her music or the other, or both, fact is she was immensely popular, and three of her albums were certified Gold by the RIAA for over 500.000 copies sold. As the title says, The Moods Of Millie Jackson: Her Best Ballads concentrates on her mellow, romantic recordings, compiling highlights from her tenure with Spring Records for whom she recorded approximately 20 albums during the years 1971-1983. Drawing on her Deep Soul roots (a subgenre of Southern Soul), she pours her heart out in classic hit singles such as Hurts So Good and If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want To be Right), and lesser-know gems like How Do You Feel The Morning After (about a cheating husband), the lovingly reflective I Still Love You (You Still Love Me), and Loving Arms, as well as the dramatic, spiritually questioning A Child Of God (It’s hard To Believe), which features subtle strings and some particularly atmospheric and affecting female backing vocals.

Several of the songs included in this collection were written by established songwriters, for instance Sam Dees, Bobby Womack, Allen Toussaint, and Phillip Mitchell, all of whom released great albums in their own right. Millie Jackson co-wrote four songs: There You Are, I Just Can’t Stand It, It’s Gonna Take Some Time This Time, and Child Of God (It’s Hard To Believe). The Moods Of Millie Jackson: Her Best Ballads is a highly recommended compilation. Cool album cover, too. 

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