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Green To Blue


"Nearly all of us paint a halo around ourselves
And I'm as guilty of that as anyone else
But what kind of fool would paint one around you?"

Green To Blue Album Cover Breathless

With a comprehensive back-catalogue consisting of thirteen E.P.’s and nine studio albums since 1984, obscure British Shoegaze/Dream-Pop/Post-Rock band Breathless deserve credit for a consistently solid body of work and for persevering in the face of commercial adversity. Breathless’ ninth full-length release, 2012's Green To Blue, once again featured guitarist Gary Mundy, bassist Ari Neufeld, and keyboardist/lead vocalist/“bandleader” Dominic Appleton, but the album also saw the return of original drummer Tristram Latimer Sayer, and the guest appearance of This Mortal Coil alumna Heidi Berry (Dominic Appleton sang on three tracks on This Mortal Coil’s 1986 LP Filigree & Shadow).

Green To Blue’s hazy, spaced-out cover artwork beautifully conveys the album’s lush, dreamy and evocative soundscapes. The sorrowful lyrics depict the decline and dissolution of a romantic relationship to the sound of equally heartbreaking music. As a listener you find yourself giving in to the alluring, captivating and haunting ambiance, as you float away on gentle waves of lonesome melancholia (Please Be Happy and It’s Good To See You), reverb-drenched vocals, and sudden, bracingly noisy cascades of echo-laden guitars (Next Time You Fall and Walk Away). Green To Blue is by far Breathless’ most affecting and accomplished album to date.

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