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The Beach Boys

Fifty Big Ones: Greatest Hits


"It's automatic when I talk with old friends
The conversation turns to Girls we knew when
Their hair was soft and long and the Beach
Was the place to go."

The Beach Boys 50 Big Ones Album Cover Volt and Volume

Following an unexpected and surprisingly stellar reunion album, That’s Why God Made The Radio, and a tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beach Boys, America’s premier band released the 2-CD career-spanning hits compilation Fifty Big Ones: Greatest Hits (a pun on their 1975 album, 15 Big Ones). And yes, you guessed it, Fifty Big Ones collects fifty of The Beach Boys’ biggest hit singles to commemorate said 50th anniversary. While it would’ve been nice, if they’d included ‘Til I Die, a non-charting song that was one of their “greatest hits” in terms of pure quality/genius songwriting (and perhaps their greatest song post-Pet Sounds), Fifty Big Ones nonetheless delivers on its promise: The Beach Boys’ fifty greatest Pop singles on the charts (with the sole omission of Come Go With Me), as well as several of their greatest non-hit songs/singles (All Summer Long, All This Is That, Cotton Fields (The cotton Song), Surf’s Up, and Forever).

Fifty Big Ones: Greatest Hits chronicles the output of The Beach Boys from their early years as the ultimate surf group (Surfin’ Safari, Surfin’ USA, Catch A Wave) to their coming-of-age masterpiece, Pet Sounds (God Only Knows, Good Vibrations, etc.), and high-quality late career singles such as It’s OK, Good Timin’, Getcha Back, Kokomo, and, more recently, That’s Why God Made The Radio and Isn’t It Time. Fifty Big Ones: Greatest Hits is the greatest, most important Beach Boys hits collection since 1974’s career-reviving Endless Summer (U.S. No. 1).

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