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Do you like Power-Pop? Jason Falkner? The Grays? Big Star? Teenage Fanclub? Matthew Sweet? The Posies? Albert Hammond, Jr.? If so, it's very likely that you, too, will like (or perhaps, even love) singer-songwriter Chris Price whose music has quite a bit in common with the aforementioned artists (and then some). As the name of the grenre suggests, Power-Pop is alternative, less polished Pop music with a good, solid injection of passion and power, part of it courtesy of New Wave and Garage Rock.

Following Dalmation's short, quiet opening track, Prelude, Chris Price soon throws himself headlong into the energetic, guitar-laden Sick Boy -- your typical, efficient Power-Pop song -- as well as Roller Coaster, both with memorable melodies and punchy hooks. Discount Love, featuring a 1960s Motown-esque drum pattern, is every bit as infectious and joyous, as is Breakfast Cruise, a ragged, catchy and charming stomper of a song. And then there's The Dream Is Over (But We're Just Waking Up), a lively, stomping piano ballad reminiscent of The Beatles, the forefathers of Power-Pop. 

A handful of the compositions on Dalmation are ballads and midtempo tracks, two of which are particularly noteworhy. Chris Price sings and plays all the instruments on the gorgous Fever Dream; vocals, acoustic guitar, effects -- and stately piano licks that bring to mind Paul McCartney. Another inviting, bittersweet ballad -- a rumination on the loss of love or loved ones -- is the languid, wistful I'll Follow Her Anywhere. Drenched in featherlight acoustic instrumentation and sweet harmonies, it very much sounds like it could've been recorded in the late 1960s or the early 1970s. 

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Chris Price is evidently indebted to the British Invasion (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc.) and the Power-Pop forefathers (Big Star, Cheap Trick, etc.). But like the most skillful and astute contemporary Power-Pop artists, Price is his own man/musician, and he has more than enough wit and vision to travel down a 'long and winding road' of his own. 

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