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Bombay Bicycle Club

A Different Kind Of Fix


"Did he fill the empty spaces
Was he everything I'm not
There's no force behind my mouth
But in just three words he brings you down."


A Different Kind Of Fix Album Cover Bombay Bicycle Club

British four-piece Bombay Bicycle Club are proof that you don’t even need a modestly successful hit single to enjoy a hit album. Despite the fact that none of its five singles became hits, A Different Kind Of Fix reached No. 6 on the U.K. Chart solely on the strength of favorable reviews and the popularity of the band’s previous full-length release, 2010’s Flaws (U.K. No. 8), which didn’t contain a hit single, either.

Regardless of which musical style Bombay Bicycle Club dabble in, they remain unabashedly Indie, whether it be the Indie Rock of The Boy I Used To Be E.P. and their debut album, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, or the Indie-Folk of Flaws. On A Different Kind Of Fix, the Indie aesthetic is still very much alive, but the band’s sound is more textured, experimental and exciting as a result of production techniques such as various loops and layered vocals, and an eclectic amalgam of several different genres (the Shoegaze/Alternative/Neo-Psychedelia of Bad Timing and Your Eyes), as well as shuffling, syncopated and slightly dance-oriented beats (Lights Out, Words Gone) by the skillful rhythm section consisting of drummer Suren De Saram and bassist Ed Nash.

Furthermore, guitarists Jack Steadman (lead vocals) and Jamie MacColl create imaginative, colorful and alluring sound collages, effects and chord progressions that command the listener’s attention, most notably on the decidedly invigorating Leave It (which also showcases a heavy, driving bassline and a euphoric climax), and What You Want whose opening guitar chords sound uncannily like the intro to The Church’s Blood Money (off 1988’s Starfish). A Different Kind Of Fix is a thrillingly creative, refreshingly playful album which provides ample evidence that contemporary music doesn't have to be predictable or mediocre to become popular with record buyers.

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