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Welcome to Volt & Volume!

My name is Thomas H. Thomsen, and I’m the creator of Volt & Volume.

I am what you’d call a music fanatic (or music nerd, if you will :-). Since my teenage years in the early 1980s, when my love affair with music started, I have developed quite an eclectic taste and obtained a steadily growing knowledge of music within many different genres.

My music collection testifies to my great love of music, my continued curiosity, and my insatiable need to discover new music, whether it's the latest releases, old classics, or obscure albums I didn’t know about. Which means that Volt & Volume is a constant work in progress. I simply cannot help but search out the most compelling artists and their most captivating music. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired to listen to many of the selected artists and albums and add them to your own private collection.

Volt & Volume aspires to be your source of inspiration when searching for music. All releases reviewed on this website are recommended.


Thomas H. Thomsen

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